Friday, December 7, 2012

Christie J. Rosen.....May you rest in peace!

It is with heavy heart that I share the passing of my dearest friend Christie Rosen.  She died about an hour ago from complications of breast cancer.  She was diagnosed on October 21, 2011 with triple-negative breast cancer.  She fought the battle harder than anyone else I know for one solid year.  Christie was [without hesitation] one of the most genuine, kindest, loving and giving human beings that I've ever met in this lifetime.  Today, my world is shattered!

This photo represents the day that Christie hand-delivered a $4000 check to Dr. Vincent Tuhoy (Cleveland Clinic) for his vaccine                                                                      to eradicate breast cancer. 

I'm a better person from knowing you.  May you rest in peace my sweet friend.  I hope you meet my Mom.  Hold a spot for me in the Kingdom.